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Domain transfer is a great way to keep everything organized

Having your web hosting and domain name in a single place will give you more control. You’ll also need to spend less time while making changes or extending the service duration. Our passionate Customer Success agents will be there to attend all your domain transfers questions and needs!

Before initiating a domain transfer, make sure that:

  • More than 60 days passed since the domain registration or last transfer.
  • Domain lock is disabled and whois privacy is off.
  • You have your EPP or Authorization code. It may be retrieved at your current domain registrar.
  • Domain status is not in Redemption or Pending Delete.

Get started with your domain transfer

The whole domain migration process is fairly simple. Let's break it down to three easy steps:


Enter the domain you wish to transfer.


Navigate to the domain’s whois email and provide the EPP code.


Wait for both registries to reply with the domain transfer approval requests.

Once all these steps are completed, the domain transfer usually finishes within 3-7 days. You may track the domain transfer progress in your Members Area. In case you need assistance or information, our Customer Success team are always at your disposal!

Our answers to frequently asked domain transfer questions.

Our IPS tag is REGISTRAR-EU. To successfully complete .co.uk domain name transfers, you should add this tag at your current domain registrar.

No, everything is included in the initial payment. You will only need to renew your domain on the new expiration date, which is set after the transfer completion.

Yes, you can. As long as the expired domain is in the Grace status, it can be transferred to or from other registries. However, if the domain is in the Redemption or Pending Delete period, transferring it will not be possible.

Privacy services do not transfer between registrars, sadly. When performing a domain transfer, you'll want to remove the privacy first, or you'll have complications. Once the transfer finishes, you’ll need to order a new domain privacy service to hide your whois details.

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